Sims 2 is unfortunately abandonware and its impossible to get it originally now, and some people, like me, did not got the UC for free at time, so a lot of people just cant play the game, which is very sad because everyone know how amazing it is!

But, luckily there is a way to still get this game! Through… piracy, yes, i know its sad that the only way we can get it is through that method, but at this point its almost impossible to get the original disks that are untouched/not broken… so if you really want to play sims 2 and do not care about doing this method so you can follow this tutorial!

This is a re-upload of G4TW’S The Sims 2 Origin Ultimate Collection, but not as a torrent, so that people who may not like to torrent or don’t know how can download to their heart’s content! This rar is unchanged from when I downloaded it so instructions should be inside. Please read it fully before you ask me any questions if you have any, I am not EA’S technical help department.