(Culled/Copied from tumblr)

    • The recolor window can be dragged to a different part of the screen so it’s not covering the object
    • Wall phones can still be used if they’re behind a counter
    • Wall mirrors can be used if they’re behind a dresser
    • Game tables are still usable when placed with the quarter tile cheat
    • Toddlers can sleep in pet beds and eat from pet food bowls, they’ll do it autonomously when their needs are low
    • Cars are still driveable even if the driveway piece isn’t connected to the road or you had to use Move Objects to place the driveway. The car will transport to the road instead of doing the pull-out animation
    • Leftover pizza and Chinese food can be put in a Sim’s inventory to keep it from spoiling
    • Food stands can be used in Sim-owned businesses
    • When trying to get your kids into private school, have your Sim drink coffee. The Headmaster will grab a cup and give you 10 bonus points
    • If you invite the headmaster around and have a hot tub, he will go sit in and you get 10 bonus points with ‘Headmaster in the hot tub!’
    • When pledging a fraternity, Hang Out and Play Kickybag are the fastest ways to build points with the members
    • If a Sim with the Wealth aspiration is caught cheating they can bribe the jealous partner to forgive them