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Summary: Cordelia takes Angel out to cheer him up and ends up making a startling confession after having a little too much to drink.
Categories: BtVS/Angel
Characters/Pairings: , Cordelia Chase/Willow Rosenberg
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Completed: Yes Word count: 913
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[Table of Contents] Published: 23 Nov 2017 Updated: 23 Nov 2017
Story Notes:
SPOILERS: Takes place in the current season (Season 4 Buffy, Season 1 Angel), pretty much everything up to that is spoiled as Cordelia gets a little reminiscent.

Willow is not actually in this story, but she is discussed, and this story was eventually meant to be a prequel for a series of stories I was working on, but decided not to continue.

1. Chapter 1 by Syrenslure [ - ] (913 words)