Summary: Claire has an addiction.
Categories: Heroes
Characters/Pairings: , Claire Bennet
Contents: Gen,
Completed: Yes Word count: 410
Chapters: 1 Read Count: 1873
Series: None
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[Table of Contents] Published: 05 Mar 2022 Updated: 05 Mar 2022
Remontant by Syrenslure Rated: NC-17
Summary: (A shameless excuse for sex, without much else to redeem it. ) Claire finds that she is even stronger than she realizes, and that love can be found in unexpected places.
Categories: Heroes
Characters/Pairings: , Claire Bennet/Nathan Petrelli, Claire Bennet/Nathan Petrelli/Peter Petrelli, Claire Bennet/Peter Petrelli, Nathan Petrelli/Peter Petrelli
Contents: Het, Poly / Multi-ship, Slash,
Completed: Yes Word count: 1882
Chapters: 1 Read Count: 36
Series: None
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[Table of Contents] Published: 06 Mar 2022 Updated: 06 Mar 2022