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Hello, I'm Lyssa... and I am a webpage-a-holic. Yes, its a joke, but one that hits a little close to home. I currently run lots of different websites that are always in a state of conception, design, re-design or update. This started as a mild hobby and became a fascination. I love looking at pages and pages of raw code to figure out how to get my sites to look just so. I spend hours working on graphics to get a look that suits my mood. I convince other people to let me design their graphics and html, so that I can try something new and different.

I am a disabled vet who doesn't work outside the home, and so yes, I have a lot of time on my hands. This is time that I like to use being creative, writing, designing. If I can occasionally make some money from it, all the better. I began to learn html in the summer of 1997, when I got my first internet-ready computer, with the template generators at Tripod. Each time you chose an item, it would tell you the code for it. Soon, I started tweaking and changing this code to get what I wanted. Before I knew it, I had found a new hobby and a new skill.

So here are some of my many websites... Explore... Enjoy... Envision with me.

Syrenslure's Fan Fiction
A large multi-site portal and update page for my fan fiction archives and fan sites. Currently, there are sites for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel: The Series, X-Files and more.

Wide Awake and Dreaming
My personal writings, ramblings and dreams.

Heaven Can Wait
A small Roswell fan site. Not updated much.

Other Domains

Heliopolis is a very large Stargate SG-1 gen archive with over 8,000 stories. Heliopolis 2 is a separate companion site hosting adult fan fiction for Stargate SG-1.

Closed Archives
These are sites that are still up, but are closed to submissions at this time, and are either infrequently or no longer updated..

Love at Stake
Multi-author, multi-pairing, BtVS/Angel Archive.

Watching You, Watching Me
Buffy/Giles shipper's site and archive.

Closed Sites
These are sites that I previously ran and are now closed for various reasons.

Shared Destiny
Buffy/Faith 'shipper site and archive. Former BtVS Writer's Guild Zone.

Vision of Love
Cordelia/Willow 'shipper site and archive. Former BtVS Writer's Guild Zone.

A Slash archive for all 'ships featuring Harry Potter. Also home to the HPslash Fuh-Q-Fest.

A Severus Snape/Hermione Granger 'shipper site and archive.

A Touch of Magic
Magic and the Supernatural in the Buffyverse. Former BtVS Writer's Guild Zone.

Nothing to Hide
Cordelia/Angel shipper's site and archive.

A Few Good Men
Xander/Riley shipper's site and archive.
Death Becomes Her
Darla/Dru shipper's site and archive.

X-Files Beta Reader's Circle
A mailing list and website dedicated to bringing together fan fiction writers and editors.

Rachel/Joey  shipper's site and archive.

Black Cat Graphics
Free Graphics and web design. Also video covers for those who tape your favorite TV Shows.
Archivist Love
A clique to promote your archive and support your favorite archivist.

Beyond the X-Files
Challenges and Discussion for X-files fanfic.

These are sites that I have worked on, abandoned, or put on hold for various reasons.
All American Boy
A Xander-centric BtVS archive and fan fiction writer's site. 
Status: Abandoned. Just as I was finishing this up, a great Xander resource opened up and I got distracted by the Harry Potter fandom.
Truly, Madly, Deeply
A Kerry Weaver/John Carter (ER) shipper's site and archive.
Status: Unknown. This is one that I keep working on and then stopping, then picking up later. I have had a lot of trouble getting responses from authors for archiving, as well.
For Love and Honor
A Sarah Mackenzie  all-pairings archive and Jag resource.
Status: Abandoned. This is one of those things where I got really involved in the fandom, but it didn't last. I still enjoy it, but don't know that I want another site of this size.


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