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Sims 2 - My Way

Everyone has their own style of playing, and their own little quirks for what makes their game fun for them.

I love to download custom content. I use hacks. I probably have 50,000 files in my backup folder, though I don't currently use near that many in my current game (my computer would die, I think). I can spend hours building and decorating houses, or making sims and families and never get around to playing the actual game. On the other hand, sometimes I spend days focusing on one little goal - like getting my sim to the top of her career, or running a successful business. Honestly, I suck at this game, just a bit, and I freely use hacks to accomplish what I want.

Legacies and challenges are a fairly new find for me (though I did attempt a few challenge type scenarios in Sims 1 [Trollops and Johns :)]). I am fascinated by the idea, and will probably be attempting them in the near future. Expect a lot of not-really-witty commentary to come.


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