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The rebirth of this archive came about because I was nostalgic and couldn't find some of my favorite stories about one of my favorite pairings. I realized (or hoped) that I couldn't be the only one, and so I sent a cry off into the wild, and then went to work.

From my tumblr:

While the Roswell (1999) fandom still has fans out there, it is small and a pre-AO3 thing. I spent a good part of my night searching for one of my favorite stories on google and the wayback macine, only to find the first couple of chapters.

Luckily, I was able to find it on one of my old hard drives and have been happily rereading it.

It makes me want to restore as much of the 15 year old Polar Attraction archive as I can and restore it to the web so that these gems donít get lost. The thing is, many of these creators are gone now and I donít know how to begin to get in touch with them. I just hate the idea of these wonderful stories being lost.

I would even be willing to open it up to other pairings, because while I love Michael Guerin/Liz Parker, Iím a multi-shipper at heart and recognize that other people may be missing their favorite pairings too.

So, if you have been searching as well, or if you just stumbled upon us along the way. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay.


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