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You're the Inspiration...

Several years ago, I saw a random paring generator on a friend's website, and thought it was neat, but wanted something a little less specific for my own use, since I liked to choose my own pairing. I created The Almost Totally Random Writing Exercise Generator, with input from ElmyraEmilie to generate writing exercises to inspire our writing muses. The premise is that each prompt included a technical parameter (such as pov, word length or writing time), a writing style or character type parameter, and a word or phrase for inspiration.

Any parameter was subject to inspiration, of course, as the object was merely to get writing. In most of the generators prompts are not fandom related so that they can be used with any fandom, or for original writing. However, a few people asked for their favorite pairings or fandoms to be included in a custom generator for them, and I made myself one for my latest fandom writing project. In addition to these personalized generators, I have updated and refreshed the prompts several times over the years. I decided to create an index so that you could play with them and decide your favorite, and so I could access them all from one place.

Version 1 : Tell Me a Story Version 2 : The Story Behind Each One of Them Version 3 : I Toss and Turn and Dream
Version 4 : All In Together Now Version 5 : If We Shadows Have Offended
Version: 101 Fandom Nights Version: Vegawriters

The Almost Totally Random Writing Exercise Generators are based on the random pairing Generator by Glowstick Chick (and tweaked by others, including docmichelle - her version is here)

The generators require javascript and may not work in older browsers, but should work in Mozilla, IE 6 and Netscape 6 or newer.